When on a spiritual path, a term you are likely to encounter quite often is self-realization. Most of us tend to overlook this even when it lies at the heart of every aspect of life. If you don’t have self-realization as the ultimate goal of the spiritual journey, everything about this path will appear vague. All we do would end up futile if we don’t have a clear target in mind. Fabricating reasons to set sailing on this difficult voyage isn’t helping you reach anywhere, making you feel empty throughout the journey.

We will keep dabbling in areas we are less aware of, and this would lead us into rabbit holes that might go as deep as into spiritual death. So, it is important to understand how self-realization can affect our lives. Accepting the way we are and moving on to love ourselves is key to attaining inner peace and happiness. It is believed that self-realization has three realms, each with a shining feature with multiple layers. The climb to that peak of achievements would take years and a whole lot of effort. Let us learn about the various stages involved in spiritual self-realization.

1.      Self-Awareness

Temporary moments of introspection might only result in sporadic stints of self-awareness. You need to start becoming aware of your strengths and weaknesses to move away from the previous psychological ignorance. Our habits and choices may depend on what we learn from such sessions; so, we need to set our focus to clear targets to understand ourselves.

2.      Self-Exploration

Once we have acknowledged our existence, the next most important thing is self-exploration. It is time set on an expedition into ourselves to understand the complexities within us. A mixture of dissatisfaction and curiosity will work its way through the struggles to help you understand yourself by relying on multiple media.

3.      Self-Discovery

As we go digging deep underneath the superficial elements of ourselves, it is self-discovery that orients us for a safer spiritual journey. When we try to understand the purpose of our life, this discovery might take us through the perks of being the way you are.

4.      Self-Understanding

Self-understanding is all about learning our dynamics and working patterns. Essentially, it is a crystallization of the previous three stages. When you reach this stage, you will have a thorough understanding of the reasons for your thoughts.

5.      Self-Love

Showing compassion for ourselves can be hard, especially when we are broken inside. The multiple layers within your soul will have love at the kernel, which needs to found as you travel into yourself. Stop punishing others by hating yourself, and learn to treat every soul equally.

6.      Self-Transformation

All our old limiting habits can be shed at this stage. We are resurrecting here with new perceptions and ideas to live a better life.

7.      Self-Mastery

Upon completing the other six stages, you will reach this stage where you start reaping the rewards for the different things you have done for yourself. You will master treating yourself with respect.


8.      Self-Transcendence

Meditation, yoga, and contemplation are the different methods that will help you transcend your older self.

9.      Self-Realization

By the end of all these stages, you will stop identifying with the negative thoughts and limited ego, helping you move past a sense of “me and myself.”

The 9 Stages of Spiritual Self-Realization

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